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We decorate corporate office and mansion parties  from 150 to 500 people attending. Party planning in detail is important to us. Weddings,baby showers,graduations etc. are our specialty. Catering is available on location can be accommodated.

Here are some of Lost Art Images
Harley Davidson Arizona

Hard Rock Hotel Monday Dark Vegas
First Fridays Art Festival Vegas
Stage Studio California
Night Clubs
Interior Decorator Arizona 
Night club 

Sherry Gordy Production Motown (Live Stream Video Concerts )

Cowboy Christmas Conventions in
 Las Vegas
Gun Show at South Point Casino
ASD Convention
Niki Manaji Private Night Club LiveStreaming at Chateau 
Music Assistant/Video
American Ninja Set 
Farmers Market
World Market Conventions
Magic Fashion Week Las Vegas
Famous Flamingo Hotel at Carlos and Charlie's at coordinator for 
Events and DJ
Citi Lites Marathon Asst Director of Entertainment Las Vegas

BMA for Expo Music Awards
Work with Pro Basketball Events
Set up and Coordinate Weddings
Interior Decorating for Mansions

The Las Vegas Strip is one of the best locations for events with locals and tourists. 

Enjoy he day and nightlife with live concerts, food, and music. It holds parties for people from all walks of life. Live bands from celebrities from dusk to dawn. Vegas entertainment is still alive and the downtown district has changed into a new age and entrapment with the wildest characters full of dreams.
We want to thank the Mayor and Zappos for their support in changing downtown for the Art District.