Lost Art Image Services - Personal Concierge

Make Overs for Special Events
During the day it's hard to take time out for yourself with work,children and a busy schedule.

Make overs and pampering are very important for women on a regular basis since they are known to multi-task.

Getting ready with deadlines and changing schedules can always make anyone feel rushed. 
We provide makeup and style to artist.

Lost Art Image is all about colors to change the mood for different results of bringing the best out in your character.Colors can always make you feel vibrant and alive. A new hair, lipstick or nail polish color can keep you up to date with the latest trends.It's amazing how investing time into your inner self can change your outer appearance and lifestyle. 

Make Overs Before and After
 Includes wardrobe consultation
Makeup Application and stylist

 Photo Shoot 

 Men can always use a consultant when it comes to colors that looks the best on them. 

The appropriate attire can make you feel comfortable at business meetings or events. 

Nice suits never go out of style. 
Class is a great way to express yourself with ettiqute.
Keep basic dark suits and accent them with different ties and dress shirts.