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Parties and Venues
Festivals,events and night clubs are one of our biggest and best attractions known for in Las Vegas. 
LAI has access to any club you desire to have fun with all your friends. 

Vip service can be arranged with better rates since we are a local company.

Dinner parties and events request are  all year planned in advance for birthdays,wedding receptions family reunions,business meetings or conventions setups.

Parties and concerts are available in hotels banquet halls and  at night clubs.

Table and Vip Service can be provided with special occasions 

Lost Art Image and Live Streamers worked on different celebrity events and was hired for live video streaming internationally  to other parts of the world.

This big celebration in history of professional boxing marked a revolutionary change in a new world of sports for 2018

Our celebrity parties and after party for Icon Boxing Champ of the World Floyd Mayweather are always the best.

Mega party boxing fight nights extravaganza had brought millions of people here to explore the expanding and new development.

#1 tourist entrapment
Viva Las Vegas has now 

Professional boxing 
Vegas  Raiders Football
Pro Womens Basketball
MMA and UFC Kickboxing
Golden Knights Hockey Team